The MAAC Scholarship Fund is dedicated to raising funding for high school seniors wishing to pursue a collegiate degree
and further, monetarily assist students currently attending an accredited institution of higher
learning, thereby enabling the scholars to achieve higher social, economic and intellectual status
in their preparation for their usefulness in the causes of humanity.  
This endeavor also aligns with one of the National Programs/ Initiative of Alpha Phi Alpha
Fraternity, Incorporated. That program is the Go to High School Go to College Program. This
program is vitally important to our communities and the youth. The youth are our future and we
should be ecstatic about donating to their untapped potential and growth. I’m writing to you to
ask you to support the MAAC Scholarship Fund by donating and enabling young scholars to
attend college with less worries and reduced financial burdens. Just a small donation of any
amount can help increase college enrollment and give us the ability to send more students from
our locality to college. Your donation will go toward college tuition and books. When you invest
in our youth, you also potentially invest in your company. Everyone deserves a quality
education and it begins with our youth being enabled by you! Thank you in advance for your
contribution. You have no idea how much of an impact your support will have on the youth.